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It is tradition that grounds us. Even on the waterways of Venice. Staged against the venerable backdrop of the Italian art metropolis, the current Schneiders collection shows how a proverbial bridge between tradition and modernity is created. It counters the famous autumn blues with multifaceted color worlds. The glorious past is honored with radiant elegance. A range of first-class coats and jackets withstand the oft icy wind of the lagoon. So the motto must be: With the driving forces of heritage, craftsmanship, and zeitgeist, Schneiders Salzburg holds its course towards a promising future!

CLASSIC BEAUTY. Clear lines and exquisite quality are part of her self-identity. Playfully easy, she stages fashion and thereby sets trends. Despite the timeless elegance, her looks appear unstrained, natural, and effortless.

STYLE AMBASSADOR. On his fashion mission, he opens up unanticipated realms. His stylistically confident cosmos ranges from classic borrowings to subtle color plays to the "small"-checked (under-)statement.