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Rarely has a Schneiders collection been so steeped in history as this spring and summer. Against the backdrop of Salzburg's old town, we enjoy the reawakening of nature and culture. A reduced aesthetic meets technological refinements and a color spectrum that inspires optimism. The famous "string rain" is resisted with ultra-lightweight, water-repellent materials. Schneiders responds to the fleeting trends of our time with character, individuality and understatement. In short: an assortment as boldly detached from time and place as the city itself!

Actress. Whether minimalistic or festively staged: Her fashion sense is more than a brief liaison. Strong and composed, she manages to bridge the gap between timeless coolness and extravagant flair. She knows how to elevate the way of dressing to an art form.

Not (like) Everyman. His longing for space and freedom is analogous to his timeless classic style. In all his ways, he demonstrates an unwavering assurance of taste. The self-assurance on every parquet is reflected in the unobtrusive understatement of his wardrobe.