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About us

„Where our roots are, we grow wings“

Schneider’s 1.0: Old Tradition and New Fashion

The tailor’s new clothes. It all began in 1946 with a dozen patterns, the right feeling for the spirit of the times and coat production using the latest manufacturing methods. The coats and jackets from Schneiders quickly became successful products. In addition to time-tested techniques, the label relies on robust materials and timeless designs. The breakthrough for the clothing manufacturer came with the famous Dirtl trench, one of the first fashion export hits made in Salzburg. In particular, the weather resistance of the models made of rolled loden, woven linen, or the finest cashmere left a lasting mark on the brand DNA. In no time, Dirtl, Hubertus, and Co. became favorite companions of the coming seasons and (!) generations.

The concept of heritage and future. As the heir to the company, the Schneiders family creates its own fashion empire around the prominent coats. Schneiders produces premium Austrian products that combine traditional style quotes from the past with modern demands for quality and comfort. In just under eight decades, the family business, with heritage, craftsmanship and individuality as its driving forces, develops into an internationally celebrated label with cult status.

Schneiders 2.0.: From the Dirtl Trench to vegan Micro Down

Coming to stay. In 2018, Wolfgang Binder takes over the fortunes of the clothing manufacturer. Like his predecessor, he relies on the (long-) established design team, whose know-how is passed down from generation to generation. In addition to the tried-and-tested ingredients of authenticity, craftsmanship and exclusivity, the new Schneiders CEO focuses on sustainability. For Wolfgang Binder, sustainability is generated both by the materials used and by the idea of transporting values into the modern age.

Beyond mass-produced goods. By tradition, Schneiders reinterprets fine natural characteristics every season. With straightforward designs and timeless clothing, the brand stands up to the fast fashion brands. Technological uncharted territory is just as central to the renowned fashion manufacturer as the transparency offered with regard to the manufacturing processes. Of course, the brand’s high standards come at a price. However, those responsible for the product believe in the potential of a quality-conscious target group. One thing is certain: Schneiders fabrics will continue to be able to do more than dress elegantly in the future.

New paths. Wolfgang Binder’s entrepreneurial goals create a refreshing relevance to the requirements of a modern clientele. Furthermore, making production chains and raw materials visible is just as much part of the agenda as introducing digital sales structures. With a promising store concept, the label brings nature into the urban space. In just under 300 square meters of sales space, the customer encounters an imaginary Schneiders world – in the middle of Salzburg’s Old Town. Characteristic brand elements tell of the journey to authentic values, adventures in nature, and first-class Austrian fashion.